Hunting Jessica is becoming a TV Series

The Hunting Series on the Big Screen

"There is no doubt that something vicious is roaming my small town in northern Oklahoma. I will find the answers to these Savage attacks." - Jessica

Jessica lives in Devil's Bend, a sleepy town with a very boring reputation and a population of 1100. 

A murder behind Hank's Hardware wakes this sleepy town up and after a personal vampire attack, Jessica realizes she has quite the knack for kicking ass and is asked to join a team of local Vampire slayers. Jason Johnston, T&J Extermination to be exact!

 Jessica (5'2 power house), Jason (her boss that leads the local team) and Gage (aka Mr. Sexy Pants). The shadows keep calling them as they uncover the ancient secrets behind not only the Vampires but the Hellhounds.

This series will tug your heart strings, send you into the shadows and leave you hanging off the edge of your seat.

A visually stimulating, action packed thrilling new series. If you miss True Blood check out The Hunting Jessica Series.

 An adaptation of 'The Hunting Series' novels by Elizabeth St. John.

Hunting Pheobe (5th book in progress)

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